• Seaboard Industrial Services, Inc.

    Seaboard Industrial Services, Inc.

    Specializing in the Application of Epoxy Floors and Secondary Containment Coatings. Our high performance flooring and floor coating options tolerate high wear, high traffic, and heavy use. Replace or recover old and worn flooring and transform your work area.

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  • Your Floors Reflect your Image

    Your Floors Reflect your Image

    Choose a floor or protective floor covering that reflects your commitment and dedication to your products, your services, and your customers.

    Our easy-to-clean, high performance flooring installations can transform the overall look and feel of your facility while also improving safety and endurance.

  • Flooring Solutions for Tough Environments

    Flooring Solutions for Tough Environments

    Epoxy resurfacers, self-leveling epoxies, and high wear polyurethane systems all provide heavy duty wear resistance and excellent cleanability.

    Our flooring and floor resurfacing are designed for use in heavy production facilities as well as clean rooms.

  • Give New Life to Old, Worn Concrete

    Give New Life to Old, Worn Concrete

    Does your facility have flaking or peeling floor coatings? Are chemicals destroying your floors? Are there slippery, hazardous areas?

    Give your damaged or old concrete floors new life with our flooring resurfacing solutions.

  • High Performance Flooring

    High Performance Flooring

    We combine high quality coating systems and professional, courteous installation to provide you with the best performing coating system possible.

    Our flooring options include antislip coatings and textured coatings for slip resistance and safety; self-leveling epoxy and high wear ployurethane for high traffic areas; complete resurfacing for concrete repairs.

Welcome to Seaboard Industrial, Inc.

We offer high performance flooring options for heavy use facilities. We believe that your floors reflect your image and we are here to make sure that your flooring can withstand high wear and high traffic in heavy production facilities and labs.

Whether you have a high traffic lobby or a chemical processing warehouse facility, our flooring options can help transform your space, provide increased safety and extended durability.

Contact us today to learn more about our products and services and to find the best fit for your flooring needs.

We appreciate your business!

Bain Williams
President, Seaboard Industrial, Inc.


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Non-Skid Coatings

We offer orange peel slip resistant flooring and mild to aggressive non-skid flooring for use where slip resistance is crucial to safety.

Our Portfolio


Surface Preparation

Surface preparation is the key to any successful floor coating project. We use Blastrac, the best name in surface prep equipment.

Abrasive Blasting

High Traffic Flooring

Our self-leveling epoxies and high wear polyurethane systems provide heavy duty wear resistance and excellent ease-of-care.

Epoxy Floors

Concrete Repair

Give your damaged concrete floors new life with our concrete repair and floor resurfacing solutions. You’ll be amazed at the difference.

Concrete Repair

Our Portfolio 

Protective Coating

Application of high performance protective coatings on an above ground

Self Leveling Flooring

Self leveling high gloss epoxy floor.

Steel Floor Resurfacing

Epoxy non-skid system applied to old and corroded steel flooring.

Laboratory / Clean Room

Chemical resistant, decorative color quartz non-slip epoxy floor system installed in

Decorative Flooring

Decorative vinyl chip epoxy / urethane system

Flooring Resurfacers

Epoxy slurry resurfacing system for concrete.

Epoxy Floor

Epoxy flooring system designed for high traffic areas.