Concrete Polishing

Concrete Polishing

Concrete polishing has gained popularity in the last several years due to several reasons. It is considered Green Technology which is important to companies striving to become a more environmentally conscience manufacturer.

There are several advantages to polishing concrete:

  • It provides a durable more dense surface that withstands high traffic and keeps it’s glossy appearance for years.
  • It provides better underfoot traction for slip resistance versus high gloss smooth epoxy systems.
  • It leaves no coating on the surface to be scratched off or fail when moisture vapor transmission is causing coating failure.


Here is a great example of our concrete polishing service:

Our customer had a flooring situation where the coating was failing due to moisture passing through the concrete. We came in removed the coating using dustless diamond grinders in conjunction with dust collection systems. We then polished the area to a high gloss finish and added a red border. The customer now has an area that has impressive appearance and very good cleanability. Problem solved!

BEFORE - Polished Concrete

BEFORE – Concrete Polishing

During Concrete Polishing

JUST GETTING STARTED –  Concrete Polishing

concrete polishing during (2)

DURING – Concrete Polishing

concrete polishing (after)

AFTER – Concrete Polishing


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