Epoxy Flooring

Epoxy Flooring Solutions

Our Epoxy flooring systems provide durable, easy-to-clean, safe solutions for high traffic environments. These system have a variety of uses. When your facility needs to protect concrete from chemical attack or contain spills for easy clean up we can design a effective solution that will help you protect your investment and keep the environment safe.

If you need to increase lighting in assembly areas to provide better productivity we can design a system that could double the lighting in these areas without adding lights…An economical alternative to higher electric bills.

We offer anti-slip and textured coatings for optimal slip resistance and safety in high wear areas. Help avoid slipping hazards and reduce lost time injuries by having us install non slip systems where slipping and falling hazards are an issue.

When static build up could cause damage to electronics or potentially cause an explosion in highly flammable production areas, contact us regarding thin film and high build Electrostatic Discharging Systems that can reduce these hazards tremendously. We can evaluate your individual situation and develop a system to help you eliminate possible losses to static charge.

We also offer high performance, protective epoxy coatings for outdoor structures.

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Protective Coating

Application of high performance protective coatings on an above ground storage tanks and outdoor

Self Leveling Flooring

Self leveling high gloss epoxy floor.

Steel Floor Resurfacing

Epoxy non-skid system applied to old and corroded steel flooring.

Laboratory / Clean Room

Chemical resistant, decorative color quartz non-slip epoxy floor system installed in hospital lab.

Decorative Flooring

Decorative vinyl chip epoxy / urethane system

Flooring Resurfacers

Epoxy slurry resurfacing system for concrete.

Epoxy Floor

Epoxy flooring system designed for high traffic areas.