Industrial Abrasive Blasting

Surface Preparation

Proper surface preparation is the key to any successful concrete floor or structural steel coating project. This has been the basis of our business from the beginning. We do not shortcut the surface prep due to it critical role of a successful coating project.

We perform shot blasting and diamond grinding on floors. Our units use dust collection systems that eliminate dust hazards from diamond grinding and shot blasting concrete.

We abrasive blast exterior structural steel, pipelines and above ground storage tanks to properly prepare them for our high performance, corrosion resistant epoxy systems. We mainly use garnet and aluminum oxide to prepare these steel surfaces due to their safe use versus silica sand. No silica sand will be used to prep one of our projects.

Systems can range from light duty applications to structures subjected to extreme chemicals, acids or salt spray.
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Protective Coating

Application of high performance protective coatings on an above ground storage tanks and outdoor